Our research

MS-driven molecular assembly

How do you incorporate MS data into protein modeling and docking activities? We develop innovative methods and computational strategies to advance MS-driven structural biology of protein complexes.

New reagents for protein mass spectrometry

We have a program designed to identify and characterize new reagents for protein mass spectrometry. We focus particularly on novel enzymes for bottom-up and middle-down proteomics methods applied to labeled and crosslinked proteins.

Structural MS of mitotic regulation

We are interested in mechanisms of microtubule plus-end engagement and the integration of signalling complexes on the microtubule lattice. Our work supports a wider program in antimitotic drug development.

Structural MS of host-pathogen interactions

Understanding mechanisms of iron-uptake by pathogenic bacteria is essential for the development of vaccines targeting childhood infections (e.g. Neisseria meningitidis). A collaboration with microbiologist Dr. Tony Schryvers (University of Calgary) and structural biologist Dr. Trevor Moraes (University of Toronto).

Structural MS of DNA damage repair

Building an accurate structural model of essential repair machinery is central to understanding mechanisms of repair and developiong new anticancer strategies. A collaboration with cell biologist Dr. Susan Lees-Miller (University of Calgary).

Our People

Dr. David C. Schriemer

Principal Investigator

Linda Lee

Research associate

Vladimir Sarpe

Software Developer

Christoph Schrader

Postdoctoral fellow

Joey Sheff

PhD Student

Morgan Hoeppner

PhD Student

Dan Ziemianowicz

Masters Student

Atefeh Rafiei

PhD Student

Morgan Khan

Staff, SAMS Centre

Laurent Brechenmacher

Manager, SAMS


Martial Rey

Research associate at Pasteur Institute (France)

Joshua Buse

Laboratory Scientist at Calgary Laboratory Services

Kyle Burns

Associate Scientist at Gilead Sciences

Ming Qi